Massage Services

(Must be 18 or over)

(Massage Services Currently Being Offered On Saturdays By Appointments Only)


We live in a busy world with busy bodies, to relax is to re-align and rejuvenate both body and mind!

Allow the skilled hands of the massage therapist to soothe your muscles and knead your needs.

Upgrade Your Massage Service With CBD Enhancements...

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Table Massages:

Our massages are customized to fit your body’s specific needs. A combination of deep tissue, Swedish, acupressure, myofascial, sports, lymph, cranial sacral and trigger point may be used during your session.  In addition, we believe that if you are going to do something, you should do it right.  As a result, all of our table massages of 60 minutes or more, automatically includes hot towels and your choice of stone therapy or aromatherapy.  

30minutes (neck & back focus): $65         60minutes: $100         90minutes: $140

Aromatherapy Escapes

Rejuvinate Massage  Emphasis are placed on the appropriate pressure points and energizing muscles.  This session will give you the opportunity to rest and unwind, while amazingly creating invigorating results upon completion.  

Relax Massage  Yes, all of our massages are relaxing; however, we've added a few extras to this one.  Giving you the results of an even deeper period of relaxation.  

Relief Massage  Focuses on where you need relief!  Tell our therapist where and why it hurts, and we'll accompany your massage with a suggested care plan.  We pledge to never compromise the integrity of you health, recovery and long term goals.

Stone Pleasure

Earth Wind & Fire (E.W.F.)  Nothing says comfort, like the enhancement of stone therapy.  Our skilled and professional therapists apply the pressure to your liking, while incorporating soothing hot and/or cold stones over your body while conditioning your muscles. 

Chair Massage

Low on time? A 10-25min chair massage provides some quick TLC in your day. (Designed for the upper body only to be done over the clothing)

This service often serves as a sampler to our table massages.  As a result, we offer a chair to table discount.  Enjoy your "chairmazing" experience and gain 50% back (excluding required admin fee) towards your return visit for a table massage.  Special terms and conditions apply.

$1.50 per minute plus a $7.00 administrative fee

Specialty Massages

Head to Toe  Add a relaxing hand and/or foot massage with hot towels, while getting your hair done. $30 Hands $35 Feet 

3 Massage Series  Purchase three 60 minute massages and save!  $250

Migrane Prevention Massage starting at $110 (60 minutes)

Cleansing Reflexology Foot Massage Start with soaking your feet in an Ionic Ceansing Bath.  After detoxifying cells for 30 mins, a licensed therapist will rinse and towel dry your feet in preparation for a moisturizing foot and ankle massage  $65

Couples Massage starting at $190 (60 minutes) Currently being offered one after the other versus simultaneously.

CBD Enhanced Massages Additional $35